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Our Advisory Services

In this competitive business environment, companies need to ensure that its business is operating effectively and efficiently. Therefore, business process management is a necessity. Unfortunately, many of growing companies tend to put less emphasis on this area. Based on our experience, Indonesian mid-size companies do not have a business process mapping, let alone a business process management system. Many of them understand the importance of this issue, however the do not have the expertise or resources to perform that task. If you are facing with similar problems and need business advisory service, we are here to help you.

Is this your situation?

Your business processes fail to deliver the required output (e.g. your financial statements are always late and inaccurate)? And, you do not know what the root causes are and how to fix the problems? Or, you do not have standard operating procedures (SOPs) to make sure that your business process provide consistent and high quality output? Or, you are not sure whether your business processes have been equipped with appropriate internal controls to prevent errors and frauds?

This is how we can help.

Our team will evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of your business processes and identify root causes of your problems. Then, we will design improved business processes and will document it as Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Furthermore, we will help you to find the best tools (enabler) to implement the design. Finally, we will assist you in implementing the improvement.

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