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Tax Assessment. Software Company

Tax Assessment


In this engagement, we were requested by a Singapore company to do full tax assessment for the last five years. The Company, engaging in software development, received a letter from the Indonesian tax office saying that the Company has not fulfilled its obligations. The Company asked us to identify whether the claim was accurate and calculate the amount of unpaid obligation and potential penalty.

The challenge of this engagement was to analyze the Company’s transactions for the last 5 (five) years and identify the tax implication of each type of transactions. Moreover, we also have to check all tax filings submitted to the tax office and collect information from the Company’s staff, who just recently joined the Company.

After one full-month of fieldwork at the client’s office, our team, which consists of 2 (two) members and 1 (one) supervisor, was able to deliver the results on time and received positive feed-back from the client.

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